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Antonia Aparecida Quintão

About the expert

President of Geledés: the Black Women's Institute

Biography Antonia Aparecida Quintão

Having been Post-doctoral fellow at the Center of Economics, Management Accounting and Actuarial of the University of São Paulo (FEA-USP) with a research on the challenges posed on black women to occupy strategic and leadership positions. She has been coordinator on the undergrad and certificate courses on History of Africa and of Afro-Brazilian Culture and visiting professor of the Center of African Studies of the University of São Paulo (CEA-USP). In 2019 wrote the chapter “Africa In Brazil: Slavery, Integration, Exclusion” from the book Brazil-Africa: Relations Historical Dimensions and Contemporary Engagements, published by James Currey (UK). She also has been the head of the certificate courses of the Presbyterian Mackenzie University, where currently she teaches and supervises research on Racial Diversity in Organizations. She is the CEO of Geledés - the Institute of the Black Women, Vice-president of the Historical and Geographical Institute of São Paulo, where she is responsible for the organization of the events related to the International Decade of the Afrodescency (2015-2024). Antonia has made her undergrad, masters and PhD at the Center of Philosophy, Languages and Human Science of the University of São Paulo (FFLCH - USP) where conducted researches on the afro-Brazilian culture. She also studied pedagogy with specialization on didactics and pedagogic counseling, having taught for years in teachers preparatory courses. Researcher at the CEnter of International Studies of Lisbon University Institute (Portugal) and consulting on diversity and inclusion in organizations, Antonia is active in racial literacy and guidance to the implementation of the law 10.639/2003. Author of books and book chapters on the history and culture of black population, having participated in the Council of the Social Organization of Culture Afro Brazil Museum.



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