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Raphael Gustavo Frischgesell

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Biography Raphael Gustavo Frischgesell

Captain at the Brazilian Navy, has Masters (2012) and PhD (2022) in Naval Sciences by the Naval War College, with certificate course in Higher Studies of Defense by the Superior War College and by the Superior College of Defense (2021), with specialization in Intelligence (scenario prospecting) by the College of Military Intelligence (2013), is from the 1995 class of the Brazilian Naval School. Beginning March 2024 he will be coordinator at the department of International Organisms of the Ministry of Defense, following a period in which has been Defense Attaché to the Brazilian Embassy to Senegal, responsible as well for Benin and Togo. Has helped to carve the framework agreement on Military cooperation between Brazil and Benin and engagement in debates on defense of the South Atlantic and of Africa.
Has extensive experience as economic and counterterrorism analyst at Navy’s Center of Intelligence and coordinator of Science, Technology and Innovation at the Ministery of Defense.
Has participated in the publications (all in Portuguese): “Brazil 2035: Scenarios for Development”, “Post-COVID-19 Scenarios: possible social and economic impacts in Brazil” and “Scenario Brazil 2040)”.


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