CEBRI - Pathways to 'The future we want': socio-environmental indicators



Pathways to 'The future we want': socio-environmental indicators


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José Eli da Veiga

Professor of the graduate programs of the Institute of International Relations of the University of São Paulo (IRI/USP) and the Institute for Ecological Research (IPÊ).

José Eli da Veiga critically examines the socioeconomic measures already established, like the GDP and the Human Development Index (HDI). The author contextualizes the creation of such measures and points out the limits of those, which can measure the economic performance of a given society, but are not intended to measure welfare and sustainability. With a keen eye, Eli da Veiga addresses the major issues related to the development and adoption of new indicators, selecting four emerging indicators to be examined in detail. These indexes – all created by renowned international institutions – seek to overcome the notion of wealth based on the production of commodities and on physical capital and propose a narrative of progress that is more compatible with the 21st century, focusing on people’s quality of life and on environmental sustainability.

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