CEBRI - Pathways to 'The future we want': financing mitigation and adaptation



Pathways to 'The future we want': financing mitigation and adaptation


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Haroldo Machado Filho

PhD in International Law by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, in Geneva, Switzerland

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Thiago de Araújo Mendes

Professor of the postgraduate course in Environmental Project Management (IEC-PUC Minas)

Haroldo Machado Filho and Thiago Mendes introduce the reader to the complex architecture of international funding available for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. In a very consistent manner, the authors propose an analysis on the institutional and political context in which the creation and maintenance of these financial mechanisms occur.

Emphasizing the truly global spatial scale of climate change, Machado Filho and Mendes highlight the importance of international cooperation to promote the transformation to a low-carbon world and with more resilient societies to climate change. However, the authors show that the negotiations in multilateral forums aimed at the question of financing have been marked by slow decision-making and the absence of clear rules that guide the implementation of the agreements.

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