CEBRI - Brazil's International Agenda Revisited



Brazil's International Agenda Revisited


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Amaury de Souza

Doutor em Ciência Política pelo Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The perceptions of directly or indirectly influential players grant a privileged angle for understanding public policy in determined areas. It was based on this premise that CEBRI carried out two surveys with Brazil’s foreign policy community, the first in 2001 and the second in 2008. These two studies have been designed so as to secure a high degree of comparability between periods in the case of core questions, as well as to seek an important complementation of themes, to be seen below. From the thematic viewpoint, the first project was wider-ranging, seeking to map out what Brazil’s foreign policy community thought of almost all of the areas considered relevant to the country. The second, in 2008, focused more specifically on Brazil’s options in the ambit of Latin America.

Brazilian Center For International Relations