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Maintaining the excellence already recognized in previous years, CEBRI was ranked as the 37th best think tank in the world (excluding the US) in 2015, according to the Global Go To Think Tank Index, compiled by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania. The study considered 6,846 think tanks worldwide, and named CEBRI the second best in Brazil. The ranking is the result of opinions compiled from more than 20,000 representatives from academia, the public and private sector, media, international organizations and policy makers. See below how CEBRI placed in the rankings:

37º best think tank worldwide (outside the US)
best think tank worldwide with an annual budget of up to US$ 5 million
best in South and Central America

16º best in transparency and good governance (1st in Brazil)
16º best program in multidisciplinary research
24º best in defense and national security (1st in Latin America)
42º best public engagement program
26º best in think tank-organized conferences
28º most innovative proposals/political ideas (1st in Brazil)
30º best use of Internet
31º best environment (1st in Brazil)
38º best environment (1st in Brazil)
36º best in programs directed towards key public policies
38º best use of social networks
39º best in international development
79º best in foreign policy and international relations

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