Implementing the Responsibility to Protect: new directions for international peace and security?


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Eduarda P. Hamann (org.)

Coordinator of the International Cooperation Program of the Igarapé Institute

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Robert Muggah (org.)

Research director of the Igarapé Institute, specialist in security and development studies

This publication considers the evolving discussion on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and the Responsibility While Protecting (RwP). It features 12 papers by a diverse collection of military personnel, scholars and humanitarian experts from Brazil and abroad1. Although focused primarily on the Brazilian perspective, it touches on issues striking the heart of international peace and security, such as state sovereignty, humanitarian intervention, the protection of civilians and peace-keeping operations. Indeed, the concepts of R2P and RwP are connected to twenty first century thinking on the very nature of the international state system and issues of global governance.

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